Escola Básica e Secundária da Madalena

We are a school that teaches all levels of education from kindergarten to upper secondary education. Our school is composed of 8 different buildings located in the different villages of the municipality of Madalena. The main building is in the town of Madalena and includes students from the age of 10 until they complete upper secondary education, normally at the age of 17-18. Our school has a total number of  852 students, of which 126 are upper secondary students, 205 are lower secondary students, 130 are kindergarten and the remaining are basic education students.

We are a general education school which offers different options to upper secondary students in partnership with the other two secondary schools on the island. Pico Island is an island of the small archipelago of the Azores, a Portuguese Autonomous Region. The island has a population of approximately 15,000 inhabitants and the council of Madalena, where the school is located, has about 6,000 inhabitants. It is a rural island, depending mainly on cattle breeding, milk and dairy products, and fishing. The social and economic background of our community may be considered underprivileged once 55,8% of our students benefit from school financial support. Due to our distance to continental Europe, projects like this one are an opportunity for students and teachers to cooperate effectively with other European schools and become aware of the European diversity.





Rua José Martins Garcia, 9950-302