ISS – “Luigi Russo” Art and Music Lyceum is one of the newest public high schools in Puglia with great potential and initiatives in the sensitive and challenging area of Secondary Art/Musical Education. The Music Department was inaugurated in year 2012-2013. There are over 500 students, some of different nationalities and 90 teachers employed. Our staff which also includes a good number of Support teachers expert in psycho-pedagogical problems of the minors, is very operating and concerned with issues on students’ uneasiness, low achievement, discomfort at school and in the family, ESL, ADHD and other related syndromes. Our students range from 14 to 19 years old and come from all types of family contexts; they are well-behaved and open to new opportunities.

Our Music department has now three grades. The student studies theoretical subjects such as Music History, Theory, Analysis- Composition and Music Technology and practical ones and also can play an extra instrument or can study Vocal Training. There are several labs: Music Technology, Drum Lab, Music Labs, Music Hall. Our Art Department includes four specializing courses: • Architecture and Environment • Textile Design and Silkprint • Multimedia and Photography • Figurative Arts and Sculpture In both sections the students also study a great range of basic subjects like Italian Language and Literature, History, Chemistry, English and English Literature & Art/Music, Maths & Physics, PE, Philosophy, History of Art,History of Music and Science.

Monopoli is a touristic city and there are several industries, businesses and most of all there is strong interest in tourism thanks to our attractive natural landscapes (the sea, olive groves, hills) and archeological sites. So there is much concern for environmental issues, preservation of artistic heritage, job opportunities for the youth.

Our school looks after new work opportunities for the students involving them in the process of all school disciplines, musical and artistic creation, developing their artistic skills and aptitudes and creating original projects useful for their future career. Our students have excelled in various art and music competitions of the Ministry of Education and Culture and been awarded regional and national prizes. The school is located in the city near the sea in a large and comfortable area. The building is new and modern with many well-equipped laboratories and over thirty classrooms. The auditorium functions as a theatre as well as a concert hall for musical performances or exhibitions. There is a very big gymnasium and an outside court for various gym/sports events.


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