Budapest XVII. Kerületi Körösi Csoma Sándor Általános Iskola és Gimnázium

logoKőrösi Csoma Sándor Általános Iskola és Gimnázium is a primary and secondary grammar school. We take students between the ages of 6 and 19, and provide general education for them. The school is located in the suburb of Budapest, in a nice, peaceful and green environment, which combines the atmosphere of the capital city and that of rural life, as we are situated on the edge of the city. Our students come from the 17th district of Budapest as well as from the neighbouring small settlements. We have a good reputation in the area, which is mainly the result of the high standard of education that we are trying to ensure. We teach general subjects that are compulsory in all Hungarian schools but we have classes in each year that specialise in learning languages, IT, sciences or humanities. This means that these classes have a higher weekly number of the relevant subject and students in these classes usually take an advanced level examination of secondary education when they graduate. Most of our 850 students decide to go on with their studies at universities, while others learn a trade and a few of them start a job either in Hungary or abroad.

Our students come from families with various backgrounds, some of them are really talented and hardworking, others may be slow learners and underprivileged. We do our best to provide equal opportunities to all of them and make them do their best. Besides the compulsory curriculum, we provide lots of out-of-curricula activities for our students. For example, we have taken part in several international projects, we have film nights. 24-hour sport events, theme camps every year.

The school is an Eco-school, which is a special title to Hungarian schools that make an outstandingly good performance in the area of conservation and environment protection. We also have a special program for talent development, in which we try to give individual support to our students who show special interest in learning a subject or in art. Three years ago we started a voluntary program. In this, students help a wide range of public institutions in the area, for example, they help to tidy libraries, wash toys in kindergartens, organize museum programs. In the future, we would like to expand our development activities to those who have more problems in learning, we would also like to establish more international partnerships to enhance language and cultural education. A very important aim of ours is to help students with career advice to make them more successful in and prepared for work life and life-long learning. For this, we are doing our best to enable our students to use modern devices in their studies, which they can use later in their jobs. Besides the knowledge, we give them instructions on proper time management, fighting stress, taking care of their body and health. Especially with the use of modern technology, more and more of our students suffer from backaches and headaches that can be released by exercise and relaxation. Our students have one PE lesson a day, they have regular checkups with their GPs and dentists though, we think that we can contribute to their physical well-being by learning new methods and techniques.



Akácvirág utca 49. HU101 – Budapest