Salon lukio

Salon lukio is a public upper secondary school for both boys and girls aged 15-19 in the town of Salo with some 55000 inhabitants located on the coast of southwestern Finland. Besides being an area challenged by recession, the town of Salo receives special support from the government due to abrupt structural changes and high unemployment rates in the area, and therefore many of our students can be considered as underprivileged. Like in all upper secondary schools in Finland, the syllabus of Salon lukio is designed to last three years, but students may complete it in 2 to 4 years. Instruction is organized in modular form not tied to year classes and students can decide on their individual study schedules rather freely. Each course is assessed on completion and when a student has completed the required number of courses, which include compulsory and elective studies, students receive a general upper secondary school certificate.

Salo Upper Secondary School offers a wide curriculum with options to specialize in Music and Sports and to have coaching in competitive team sports. Besides the academic courses, we have active cooperation with Salo Vocational Institute, Turku Polytechnic, Turku University and the open university where our students can combine studies and graduate with both a high school diploma and a vocational certificate. The surroundings of the new school building provide ample opportunities to explore nature and expand the classroom outdoors. In addition, Teijo National Park is within easy each.

Our goal is to offer our students broad education to give them the basis for different career options, and to continue their personal development. By taking part in this project our students will understand how their school work is a reflection of the world out of the classroom, and realizing this will result in a more motivated, more ambitious and purposeful school work.



Kaherinkatu 2, 24100 Salo