IISS “L.RUSSO” MONOPOLI Student’s Volleyball Tournament

In the month of January 2018 the classes of the Luigi Russo Artistic Lyceum of Monopoli have taken part in a volleyball tournament. The matches have been played on three 25-point sets. The teams have shown enthusiasm during the matches, above all because the students felt a kind of healthy competition among them. Moreover in our country and area Volleyball is one of the most appreciated sports and is practiced by many students even in extra-curricular time in our school in student championships or in the sporting volleyball clubs. The winners will be awarded on Sports Day that is usually celebrated in our school in the month of May.


Christmas Baskets

The Portuguese partner Eudaimonia Team carried out a solidarity campaign to raise food items in order to organize as much food baskets as possible to offer to some of our students’ families in financial need. The campaign started on the 10th November our school’s anniversary day. The audience of the formal ceremony of the best students’ awards was invited to bring some food items to compose the baskets.

Afterwards, the campaign continued at school until the 11th December.

The items collected were enough to prepare 7 school baskets that were delivered to 7 students, making their Christmas a bit happier and rich.