The factors that started us planning this project are the following: the link between our schools and the surrounding communities is somewhat lacking, the present economic situation of the world and our local areas has an effect on the students’ motivation, students show signs of fatigue, neck and back pains, lack of motivation and deteriorating results, especially in maths and science. Their overall well-being has declined and there are more sleeping disorders and health problems. Many students still do not see environmental questions as their personal issue and don’t take part in any community work.

Objectives: Our main goal is to link schools more closely to the surrounding community and environment.  Implementing new applications into science, and peer tutoring and stress-relieving exercises into classrooms will increase students´motivation and improve declining scholastic results. Due to the increased use of computer-based educational tools, the time students sit at computers has multiplied so it is important to create activities that make them physically more active. Another important aim is to become more aware of the different characteristics of urban nature and the natural environment and to make students fully aware of their ecological footprint. To counteract the worldwide economic depression this international project will provide positive experiences and increased motivation.

Number and profile of participants; the participating countries are Finland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The students are between 14-18 and both they and their teachers will represent different academic fields. Many students have economic and geographical obstacles and educational difficulties.

Results and impact: Increased motivation, especially in science, better academic achievements, improved communication and language skills and overall lift in well-being and health will benefit both students and teachers in the long run.  Both students and teachers will gain valuable experience in international contacts which will help them in their future studies/careers. The good practices of the participating schools will be implemented and the school itself will get a higher respect in its local community. The links between schools and charity organizations will be strengthened and capitalized. Internationally, schools all over Europe may benefit from the health improving exercises and knowledge about the latest technology.


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Coordinators of project


Maria Liippo


Kati Toukola


Katalin Tóth

United Kingdom

Urszula Broadway


Fernando Oliveira


Paolina Petrosillo